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Recycling & Solid Waste



Free and Reduced Cost Bins

Residents of the Unincorporated Area of Santa Cruz County

(includes San Lorenzo Valley, Davenport, Live Oak, Soquel, Aptos, La Selva Beach,Corralitos, Summit, and other areas outside the city limits of Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Capitola, and Scotts Valley)

GreenWaste Recovery Customers: Can get a free Earth Machine or Can-o-Worms bin in lieu of yard waste service. Call GreenWaste Recovery at (800) 665-2209 to order.

GreenWaste Recovery customers who have yard waste service may obtain a discounted Earth Machine or Can-o-Worms bin for $25. Call (800) 665-2209 to order.

Please note that a Green Waste customer may obtain a replacement bin on the same terms after five years.

Additional bins may be purchased at wholesale prices of $69 for an Earth Machine and $65 for a Can-O-Worms.

Non-Green Waste Recovery customers may purchase bins at these wholesale prices.

Call Green Waste Recovery at (800) 665-2209 to order any of these bins.

Yard trimmings and food scraps
Retail $86
Snap together assembly. Ventilation slots are large enough to let in air but keep out rodents. Round design allows unit to be lifted to access pile. Sliding door can be secured to prevent animal entry.  Capacity 10 cubic feet. Dimensions 33” diameter, 33” tall.
Learn how to use an Earth Machine
Stacking tray bin designed to minimize hand-sorting of worms and compost. Includes two working trays and a liquid catch basin with a spigot. Dimensions 20" diameter, 25" tall.Does not include worms. 

Recycling and Solid Waste

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Ben Lomond Transfer Station
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