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Septic Tank Abandonment

  1. Contact the Sanitation Department to determine if sewer is available for your property (Sewer Service Availability Form).
  2. Contact Environmental Health at (831) 454-2022 ( to obtain an application for a sewer disposal permit.
  3. Payment verification of septic abandonment fee will be requested prior to issuing a sewer connection permit.
  4. Inspection of lateral construction/connection by a Sanitation Inspector will be required prior to backfilling the lateral trench along with payment of all fees associated with the sewer lateral connection permit.

          - $3,000.00 connection fee includes 18 Fixture Units (all 
            districts except Freedom), additional units have a rate of 
            $165 per unit.

          - $4,000 connection fee includes 18 Fixture Units (Freedom
            District), additional units have a rate of $200 per unit.

    Please see the plumbing code for information on fixture units. Connection Fee Calculator