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CSA Operation

CSAs designate two authorized representatives to act as liaisons to the Department of Public Works for any matter pertaining to their CSA operations.

Once a year, the CSA must hold a meeting of affected property owners to establish benefit assessment rates and a work program. The Board of Supervisors then sets the rates and approves the CSA annual budget. The benefit assessments are collected through property tax bills in December and April each year.

CSA Contacts

Highway Safety Lighting

(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9A Residential Lighting
(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9C Disposal Site
(831) 454-2377

CSA 9D Road Repair
(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9E Streetscape Maintenance (Live Oak/Soquel)
(831) 454-2461

CSA 57 Graham Hill (Woods Cove)
(831) 454‐2815

Drainage Zone 7
(831) 454‐2807

Private Road CSAs
(831) 454-2461

Sanitation CSAs
(831) 454‐2160