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Policy for Accepting a Road into the
County-Maintained System

On June 1, 1971, the Board of Supervisors approved the following policy to determine which roads may be accepted into the County-maintained system.


  • The purpose of this policy is to allow existing public roads in a developed area to be accepted into the County maintained system after the road has been improved to the point that it will not be a maintenance liability to the County.


  • The road shall be an existing public road, prior to the date of Board approval of this policy.
  • At least 50 percent of the potential lots as determined by zoning fronting the road shall be developed with residential construction.
  • No more than 25 percent of the fronting property shall be under one ownership.
  • Plans and specifications for the improvement shall be reviewed and approved in writing by the Director of Public Works prior to construction. Plans need not be formal in nature, but shall be sufficient to show the proposed improvements meet the standards required.
  • Inspection of construction by the Director of Public Works shows the work conforms to the approved plans and specifications.
  • All costs of improvement shall be borne by the concerned property owners.

Right of Way

  • A minimum of 40-foot right of way shall exist or shall be deeded to the County.
  • Street Width: The paved roadway shall be a minimum of 24 feet wide in level terrain and 20 feet wide in mountainous terrain. If the proposed improvement is an extension of an existing maintained road which is wider than the above minimums, the paved roadway shall conform in width to the existing maintained road.
  • Alignment and Grades: Alignment and grades shall conform to the provisions of Part I, Section B, of the County of Santa Cruz Design Criteria.
  • Structural Section: The structural section shall conform to the requirements of Section C of the County of Santa Cruz Design Criteria.  The minimum structural section shall be 3" of asphalt concrete and 9" of aggregate base. If the existing road has a minimum of 6" of gravel material and shows no evidence of subgrade failure, it will be permissible to grade the existing gravel material and surface it with 3" of asphalt concrete.
  • Drainage: Drainage facilities shall conform to the provisions of the County of Santa Cruz Design Criteria. Roadside drainage must be provided for by asphalt concrete dikes or lined ditches.

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